The Comedy Monster Donzilla performs live in front of a theater crowd with his casuistic style of Comedy. The Comedy Monster is the newest addition of Donzilla’s extensive catalog of Naughty Stand-Up Comedy. along with observations on world economics and memories of being a large child during elementary school, and only having one talent for moving his furniture for people. Donzilla always delivers an absolute fearless style of stand-up comedy without hesitation but sustains the humility and perspicacity for a very enjoyable experience for the intellectual comedy fan.

The Comedy Monster!

By Don Tjernagel

The Comedy Monster Now Available here. The public and critics rave this new video by the master of dirty comedy. Stand-Up Comedian “Donzilla” Don Tjernagel performs his usual fearless style of comedy in front of a sold out theater crowd. This show is fully un-censored and contains material that is sexually explicit and politically incorrect.
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“The warning label found in the introductory animation scene (which is entirely unique due to the comic book representation of the comedian with original music by Jake McCready) clearly states that this will have material that is: politically incorrect, socially overt and sexually explicit. And boy did he deliver.”
Yell Magazine
“ Don Tjernagel's idea of comedy is “a Voltaire reference in a butt fuck joke” or the American Gothic couple at a swinger's party. This is not stand-up for the weak of heart. As a matter of fact, Tjernagel tells the story of an audience member so offended he got a heart attack.”
The Serious Comedy Site

One of The Best Raunchy Comedians of All Time!